The necessary care of your cat’s litter box for its well-being and health

It requires daily maintenance because it can be exposed to diseases and it must always be kept in perfect condition so that the cat can come comfortably.

Just like a person, they do not like a dirty toilet and it is our responsibility to always have it ready. Thus, one of the important tasks is to choose the sand that is poured into it, there are many types but not all of them are optimal for it. Choose the right one, compare, find out and ask for advice because the store will always know how to guide you.

The sand must be absorbent or clumping, this is important because when the cat urinates, a block will form around it and it will be very easy to remove with the shovel.

It is a sand that compacts when it comes into contact with the liquid and its maintenance is very comfortable. Every two to four weeks you should clean the sandbox and change the sand, if it is done once a week it is better.

It can also be filled with new sand once it has been cleaned, although the ideal is to replace it completely.

It must be taken into account that many diseases can be contracted in the sandbox if it is not properly maintained, so bacteria can appear in the sand, since wet sandboxes, with fecal material and poorly ventilated, favor the overgrowth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Parasitic diseases that are found in feces such as toxoplasma can also arise, so its daily care is important so that parasitosis does not occur, which can also affect humans.

Removing the urine thanks to the clumping litter is important because it has a high ammonia content and its accumulation can affect the person’s respiratory tract, it must also be in a place that is ventilated to avoid this circumstance. If the litter box is not clean, the animal will relieve itself in another place and that can cause hygiene problems in the house.

You should always keep the litter box clean -I emphasize this last thing a lot- because hygiene is the only way to prevent diseases that could be greater and develop in your cat.

It must be taken into account that they are extremely clean and if the sandbox is dirty it will avoid going into it, containing the urine and possibly causing cystitis or doing it on the ground.

Be careful with it and let us be the best companion that your cat can have, giving it the comfort it needs, good food, the necessary hygiene for its health and our LOVE.

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