The Netflix movie with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence to find love

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If you are going through a difficult love situation, “The Games of Destiny”a movie in Netflix starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence It is perfect for you, because it is a story of overcoming with which you will feel identified.

In the program Ingrid and Tamara in MVSthe presenters talk every Wednesday with the entertainment specialist, “Stivi di Tivi”, who gives you the best recommendations to watch in your spare time.

In addition, the conductors lead you to constantly reflect on what a good love relationship should be like.

That is why we share with you one or another curious fact about this film, as well as its main plot.

What is ‘The Games of Destiny’ about on Netflix?

Its original English title is Silver Linings Playbook and is also known as “The good side of things”. According to his review in IMBDFormer teacher Pat Solitano returns to his parents’ house, while he tries to win back his ex-wife after spending a bad time in a mental institution.

Nevertheless, everything gets complicated when the ex-academic meets Tiffanyanother woman, who, like him, has her own problems.

We won’t tell you more about the story, because We hope you discover it with your own eyes.

The production was directed by David O. Rosellwho also wrote the script, along with Matthew Qukc.

Cooper has been nominated several times for an Oscar. (EFE)

What do Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence do?

These actors are the protagonists of the film. Cooper plays the title character, former teacher Patrizio “Pat Jr.” Solitano, while Lawrence plays Tiffany Maxwell, creating great chemistry between the two that can be seen on screen.

As a curiosity, Lawrence won a best actress Oscar in 2013.

It is currently available at Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Claro Video.

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