The Netflix of well-being arrives, to revolutionize access to emotional health

Nearly a billion people worldwide suffer from a mental health disorder; however, more than 70% of people do not have access to the care they need, according to WHO data. A new start-up seeks to respond with virtual psychological assistance and an innovative proposal in South and Central America and the Caribbean

“According to various current studies, 80% of workers feel stress at work.
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With an initial investment of USD 250,000 and a billing projection of more than USD 100,000 for its first year, the start-up Mutare Life is launched, a new virtual care platform for mental, physical and emotional health that was recently born , led by the Argentine therapist and entrepreneur Ximena Sureda and a team of 15 professionals involved in its management.

This online comprehensive care center for physical, emotional and mental health is made up of a team of professionals with a holistic and comprehensive approach in the areas of psychology, coaching, nutrition, parenting and family, bioenergetics and sexuality. They provide care, support, help and containment to users through various individual or group therapy alternatives.

“Mutare Life has sought from the beginning to be an organization with a social impact. Each professional donates 3 hours of attention per month, our community accompanies network professionals and users alike. Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive quality service, so that people and organizations achieve the best of themselves”, says Ximena Sureda, therapist and CEO of Mutare Life.

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The tool offers its users services such as individual sessions, group therapeutic rooms, wellness kits and special memberships for families and companies. It is already active in Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, the United States, Peru, Chile and the Caribbean.

“Group rooms are a very innovative alternative for those who want to work on emotional issues together with other people. It is a product that includes 8 group rooms per week where users can learn and obtain tools from all our areas. You can choose the topics that the user is interested in and can participate live or watch it recorded at any time and from anywhere”, adds Sureda.

Another of the star services are the wellness kits that include sessions and classes to work on specific objectives such as parental ties, healthy eating or life purpose, and can be given as gifts. Memberships for families, on the other hand, are presented as an interesting option for family groups where each member has their own user and can work individually or in groups on issues related to parenting, grief, sexuality, anxiety, food or other issues.

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The world of work is another of the sectors where Mutare Life is present with solutions such as the Intercompany Departmental Consulting Plan, Comprehensive Assistance Service for Collaborators, Training and Formation; and memberships that include live rooms such as “Leaders with vision” and other specific topics for entrepreneurs and executives.

“According to various current studies, 80% of workers feel stress at work. Unlike other everyday stressors that can be counteracted by adopting healthy behaviors, chronic stress, left untreated, can have serious health consequences. Among them, anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, high blood pressure and weakening of the immune system in general. Our platform seeks to provide containment and support spaces for collaborators, so that they find a way out of stress and can feel motivated in their workplaces”, concludes the executive director.

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