The Netflix series that is all the rage and is among the most viewed: a drama based on real events

In recent days on the streaming platform, he began to lead a production released in 2020.

For Life

Netflix does not stop launching new productions that are a success, but also recently some series or movies from years ago began to become all the rage only now, as is the case with For Lifewhich hit the platform in 2020.

The Netflix series that is one of the most viewed: a drama based on real events

For Life: Perpetual imprisonment is a police series based on real events that has two seasons of 23 episodes in total. The production premiered on Netflix in 2020, but on March 21, 2022, the second season arrived on the platform and immediately captivated the public to the point that it is in the Top 10 of the most watched in the country.

Directed by Hank Steinberg, this police thriller tells the story of Isaac Wright Jr., an American citizen who was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. During that stint in jail, he became a lawyer and helped overturn the wrongful convictions of twenty of his fellow inmates, before finally proving his own innocence.

For Life: Life imprisonment

What is For Life about, the series that is one of the most viewed on Netflix

“A man sentenced to life for a crime he did not commit becomes a lawyer to bring justice and defend other wrongly accused people,” reads the official review provided by the streaming giant.

Cast of For Life, the series that breaks it on Netflix

  • Nicholas Pinnock as Aaron Wallace, a former club owner convicted of drug dealing.
  • Indira Varma as Safiya Masry, the warden who oversees the prison where Wallace is serving his sentence.
  • Joy Bryant as Marie Wallace, Aaron’s wife.
  • Mary Stuart Masterson as Anya Harrison, Safiya’s wife.
  • Dorian Crossmond Missick as Jamal Bishop, Aaron’s best friend in prison.
  • Tyla Harris as Jasmine Wallace, Aaron’s teenage daughter.
  • Glenn Fleshler as Frank Foster, a senior corrections officer at the prison.
  • Boris McGiver as Glen Maskins, the prosecutor who led the team that put Aaron away.
  • Timothy Busfield as Henry Roswell, a former New York State Senator who helps Aaron in his quest to be a lawyer.

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