the Netflix suspense series where nothing is what it seems

Throughout more than two decades of career, Michelle Monaghan has proven her ability to take on different genres and characters. Something that comes to reaffirm with his performance in Echoes.

The miniseries made by the Australian production company Endemol Shine and filmed in the US, where the protagonist of films like disappeared one night Y mission impossible 3 take on a double challenge.

Since in the original Netflix space, which has Brian Yorkey as one of its showrunners (13 reasons why) and is anchored in the mystery, Monaghan plays the twins Leni and Gina McCleary.

Echoes | Netflix

One last figure that the public knows in the departure of the first of the seven chapters that make up the space, as he faces another of his busy days in the city of Los Angeles.

Where lives with her husband, respected psychiatrist Charles Davenport (Daniel Sunjata), and writes the books that have made her famous. However, one day something begins to worry her more and more.

The disturbing disappearance of Leni

Echoes | Netflix

Gina has called her twin Leni several times, as she does daily, but gets no answer. So it’s no wonder I phoned her his brother-in-law Jack Beck (Matt Bomer) and gives him some disturbing news.

Leni has disappeared from the ranch in which he lives with him and his daughter Mattie (Gable Swanlund), before which Gina fast travels to her native Easton Countyin Virginia, to help in the search for her sister.

Everything indicates that they entered the stables to rob and maybe she escaped or was kidnapped, so the local sheriff Louise Floss (Karen Robinson) leads the investigation and tracking through the wooded area.

Echoes | Netflix

But little by little more details about the Leni’s behavior in the previous months that raise doubts about his fainting, such as his repeated absences from home.

Something that several neighbors attribute to her relationship with another man and adds to that he has fought with his best friend. Everything that makes her relatives even more worried and especially Gina.

The exchange that complicates everything

Echoes | Netflix

This is because since they were little, after they lost their mother, they have an almost sick dependencywhich they sealed in their adulthood with the unusual rite they perform every birthday: change places.

Since every 12 months they exchange lives, thanks to the fact that they are identical twins and only their missing mother was able to identify them. So that who really disappeared is Gina pretending to be her sister.

Echoes | Netflix

What only Leni knows and confronts her with anomalous situations that she tries to figure out in order to find her twin. Although her situation will become more and more complicated due to the presence of Dylan (Jonathan Tucker).

The Gina’s boyfriend in her youth and who suddenly returned to Easton a few months ago, so it’s not hard for Leni to assume that he has something to do with her absence.

What is presented at the climax of a somewhat confusing series, whose axis is suspense and manages to catch the viewer thanks to the double and precise leading role of Monaghan.

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