The new and unexpected professional setback that Toñi Moreno has suffered

This television thing is a roller coaster. And it is that just a month ago, from the magazine ‘Lecturas’ they advanced that Toni Moreno and ‘Let yourself be loved’ were renewed for one more season. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now Telecinco has made the decision to stop recording the program immediately.

In this way, as ‘Bluper’ anticipates, the program that will be broadcast this coming Saturday, September 24, will be the last of the Bulldog TV format on the television network. A brilliant farewell after five months of broadcasting by the Andalusian presenter.

Toñi Moreno, in 'Let yourself be loved'

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An attempt at ‘See You Again’, the program directed by Carlos sovereignwhich closes the blind after going from more to less in audience data.

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The talk show Toni Dark It initially started at the Friday night barbecue. However, as the weeks went by, it ended up occupying the prime time on Saturdays. Some changes that do not harm him and with which he manages to maintain good data and even improve them during the summer months.

Moreover, at the end of the first round of recording, the program broadcast on July 30 set the record for the format. It is not for less, since it was the reunion of Anabel Pantoja Y Omar Sanchez after the return of the Andalusian from ‘Survivors 2022’. A delivery that obtained a 21.2% share of the screen.

The networks pass sentence after the premiere of 'Let yourself be loved'

The networks pass sentence after the premiere of ‘Let yourself be loved’


Safe bet

The truth is that although the program of Toni Moreno close it, it doesn’t mean we won’t see it on screen again. And the thing is that ‘Let yourself be loved’ arose from the idea of ​​making a renewed version of ‘See you again’, the Charles Sovereign which remained for many seasons in broadcast.

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Said space stopped its recordings for the same reasons that ‘Let Your Love’ go through today. A crisis of Telecinco audiences. As it is a format highly valued by the communication group, it would not be surprising if we could see it again in the future on the television network’s programming.

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