The new Android Auto has arrived with its new split screen for a massive update

On December 23, the latest version of Android Auto arrived in Spain with a series of corrections that laid the foundation for the update that was expected: the Split screen with “CoolWalk” layout. Deployment begins today.

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“CoolWalk” in Android Auto is here

In it Google I/O last year the big G showed off some of that design for Android Auto that’s been awaited for months.

This new design, which has been called “CoolWalk” and announced by Google a few hours ago, uses a split screen capable of simultaneously displaying the browserplayback controls and another series of cards to optimize that user experience when you have your hands on the wheel.

Android Auto

Android Auto

the free android

Via XDA we know that this design has taken its timesince the main idea was to deploy it last summer, but after that first deployment in the beta in November, it is now when the final arrival of the version with this split screen begins.

This new experience, taking the same words from Google in its ad, focuses on navigation, the communication with family and friends and the reproduction of the user’s favorite music.

Android Auto redefined

At first, it should be noted that the interface elements with which the driver has to interact have been located as close as possible to the driver in order to access functions such as the browser, the cards and playback controls like the most used apps.

One of the advantages of the new interface is that it scales perfectly to the size of the screen. The other great novelty is the Google Assistant tips for returning calls or play media that the wizard suggests.

Android Auto

Android Auto

the free android

More novelties are the Android Auto support for WhatsApp calls, available only on the latest Samsung Galaxy and Pixel phones; At the same time, the search bar for the media has been improved.

Google has also announced that soon the digital key support for Samsung and Xiaomi devices. In addition, Android Automotive will support HD maps in order to view more details of the roads such as barriers or the signals themselves.

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