the new beta brings improvements, even if they are not seen

Android Auto continues to advance at a relentless pace. Just two weeks after the stable version of Android Auto 7.6 was released, we already have version 7.7 between us. His arrival, as usual, is in beta phasewhich we can install from now on our phone so that, when connecting it to the vehicle, we are updated to the latest version.

Again, changes that are not seen, but are present

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Android 7.7 is now official and can be downloaded from the Google application store, as long as we are users of the beta program. Otherwise, we can always download the original version from APKmirror, exactly the same APK that we would find in the Play Storealbeit through a manual installation process.

Specifically, we are already going for version 7.7.121908, for which they are brought back minor improvements and bug fixes. This is one of the lightest updates of what we have seen in the latest betas since, despite further improving the performance of Android Auto, it has no outstanding new features at a functional level.

The car software was in chaos.  Until Android Automotive arrived

As with the stable version of 7.6, version 7.7 does not come from Coolwalk, the big change in interface that we expect for Android Auto. The version code maintains internal references to this version, as detailed in Xataka Android, but this interface is not activated by default.

Some of the changes in Android Auto 7.7 will come from Google’s servers, and not from the APK itself. Even so, it is recommended to install the latest versionto ensure maximum compatibility with future features that are implemented.

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