The new Chucho Benitez? This is how Germán Berterame would play in America

Germán Berterame is in talks to reach America in the 2022 Opening Tournament and how the Argentine can perform has already been leaked.

America has a chance to improve her attack with Berterame.
© picture 7America has a chance to improve her attack with Berterame.

In the last few hours, the rumor spread that Germán Berterame can reach America for the Opening Tournament 2022. There is talk of an operation that is around five million dollars, although the official announcement would come once the Closing of Liga MX is over.

The Argentine ends his contract with Atlético de San Luis this summer and there is no intention to continue with the relationship, so the potosina directive will renew it to later be able to sell it. For now, the Eagles were ahead of teams like Cruz Azul, who also showed interest in the 23-year-old attacker.

While the negotiation is being defined, several fans are excited to improve the azulcrema attack with a footballer with the characteristics of Berterame, so here I am telling you how he can play, what his favorite position and what can he give to the squad.

The characteristics of Germán Berterame, possible reinforcement of América

The position where the Argentine performs best is glued to the band as a right midfielder, although he also knows how to perform as a center forward. This tells us that he may be trading places with Roger Martinez.

People who know him describe Berterame as a player with power but technical, something similar to what we saw with Christian “Chucho” Benítez. Hardly anyone beats Germán one-on-one, which is demonstrated by his leadership in scoring in the 2021 Apertura. This, coupled with the lack of goals from the current forwards, is great for América.

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