The new eyeliner trend that Zoë Kravitz loves

How is it and why is it not a simple cat eye

Although it is a very marked and defined style, what makes the Linera Batgirl unique is that it is double. One of the lines comes out of the upper eyelid and another comes out of the lower eyelid to come together and become a single eyeliner. This difference it has with the classic cat eyesis what makes the effect look much more extreme and daring.

Now yes, the step by step for beginners

Don’t be intimidated if you don’t master graphic outlines. This look is more than suitable for beginners, especially if you use the following tricks:

  1. With a micropore smooth or professional tape, accommodate the angle you want your outline to have. The key is that you locate the micropore slightly below the water line so there is room for both lines.
  2. Once you have the micropore on both sides, look at yourself in the mirror to make sure the angles are symmetrical and adjust if necessary.
  3. grab your favorite eyeliner and draw the top line following the guide of the micropore. How thick you want the outline is up to you, but we suggest you start with a thin line and fill in symmetrically.
  4. Once you have your top line, start with the bottom line. If you want to elongate your eyes (like Zoë Kravitz’s) and achieve a more casual look, don’t do the entire line, start it a few millimeters from the corner of the eye.
  5. If you want to intensify the look even more, create a small triangle in the corner of the eye. You’ll notice the difference instantly.
  6. To correct, use a thin q-tip with a little bit of moisturizer ; go over the line and perfect any detail smoothly.

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