The new features of the iPhone in 2023

This year the iPhone 15 is expected
This year the iPhone 15 is expected

The Apple’s iOS operating system will have several changes to deliver new features. Even the version of iOS that is active (16.2) will give way to iOS 16.3 and iOS 16.4 until the arrival of the new iOS 17 operating system together with the next generation of devices with the iPhone 15.

These are some of the releases for the smartphones from Manzana this year:

Since June of last year it was indicated that one of the functions that would bring iOS 16 to the devices Manzana would be the inclusion of notifications from different websites from the browser of Safari and others that are available as Google Chrome.

Learn Safari tips to make your search more comfortable and efficient.  (photo: Daily Report)
Learn Safari tips to make your search more comfortable and efficient. (photo: Daily Report)

In this way, people will be able to keep track of the services offered by the websites to those who allow these alerts to be used on their devices just like any other app.

On the other hand, the application of Safari It would also introduce new features that will reach users in the following months and before the launch of the new OSas groups of tabs in the browser, extensions additions, among others.

As part of an enhancement within the function of the wallet virtual de Manzanathe “pay later” function will be added, which will allow qualified users to make purchases and split their Payments in equal parts up to the next six weeks after the purchase.

Using Apple Pay with a MacBook.  (Photo: MacRumors)
Using Apple Pay with a MacBook. (Photo: MacRumors)

This function will be able to offer this service without the need to charge commissions or interest according to the macrumors website, which also maintains that payments made in online purchases will be included, either by websites or in Applications within a iphone either iPad.

The “pay later” feature will initially be available in some states of USA and it could be released in the version of iOS 16.4 according to Mark Gurman, journalist specializing in Manzana. It is not ruled out that it may be available in other territories where the function of Apple Pay.

The function of the iPhone 14 that allows people to use a satellite connection in case of accidents to call for help through a system of text messages short will have a new extension that will enable it in more countries in addition to those already known as USA Y Canada.

Emergency Satellite Connection in iOS 16 (9to5mac)
Emergency Satellite Connection in iOS 16 (9to5mac)

Although France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom are the most recent territories to be added to the list before the end of the year 2022but it has not yet been reported which other countries will be integrated into the service.

This feature is intended to further strengthen the check of the identity of the users in addition to the double authentication factor for the users could arrive in the first months of 2023 to all the devices of Manzana. With this feature, unlock the Apple ID of people will require an additional device that must be configured as an access “key”.

Not only will company devices be accepted as part of this security system, but any that meet the requirements can be brought on board as part of the feature.

Security key for Apple ID and two-factor authentication.  (Manzana)
Security key for Apple ID and two-factor authentication. (Manzana)

With this implementation, users will be able to prevent scams phishing because this authentication is requested in various situations that may present themselves as opportunities to compromise your safety.

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