The new management of sick leave, for analysis

After mobilizations and claims, the Primary Care has gone from theory to practice in 2023 ceasing to issue the Temporary Disability (IT) leave to those patients who have not attended directly. Since last January 9, specialists have applied this new measure in day-to-day healthcare, with an unequal reception between specialties. As specialized journalists from Medical WritingXavier Magraner and Laura Camacho tell us how this new healthcare paradigm is being experienced in this episode of ‘La Anamnesis’.

In addition to the judicial report issued by the Collegiate Medical Organization (OMC), Family Medicine and Pediatrics they shelter in the Royal Decree (RD) 625/2014 of July 18, which regulates aspects of the management and control of IT processes in the first 365 days, and which rules that the issuance of a sick leave corresponds to the “public health service doctor who has carried out the examination of the affected worker “.

The modification of this rule, approved by the Council of Ministers and in force on April 1, will also mean the elimination of the copy of the leave for the companysince it will be the company itself that requests the corresponding information from the Administration electronically.

Imbalance between the CCAAs in the management of casualties

However, the implementation of the standard in the health map is following different rhythms. The government of the Community of Madrid has been opposed to these changes and considers that the management of sick leave corresponds only to Primary Care. Other communities such as Catalonia, on the contrary, took the first step towards stop managing IT for revenue last May.

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Despite the relative acceptance shown by a large part of the patients, The change in management, in force since January 9, has generated certain conflicts between the different specialties and between the doctors themselves at this level of care.

The information published in Redacción Médica contains affirmations, data and statements from official institutions and health professionals. However, if you have any questions related to your health, consult your corresponding health specialist.

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