The new map SUNSET arrives in VALORANT

The new map SUNSET arrives in VALORANT

riot games AND VALORANT they revealed Sunsetthe new map that comes with it‘Episode 7: Act II. Inspired by Riot’s hometown of Los Angeles, Sunset includes several classics of LA culture, including food stalls, art deco and mission-style architecture, traffic, neon sunsets, and graffiti, which provided an opportunity to collaborate with some local artists. It is a 3 lane, 2 point map where players can expect core control to become a key element of their strategies.

In case you missed it, VALORANT has also shared some updates on its team-based competitive system. Prime Minister, whose official launch will take place on the occasion of Episode 7: Act II. Official divisions have been introduced and there will now be weekly matches on all 7 competitive maps. In addition, players’ career history and achievements will be officially tracked from now on. In the future, Premier will connect to the VCT; The first changes to create this new path to professionalism will occur in early 2024.

Me too IMPERIO models. Bring magnificent ancient dragons imprisoned in jade and emerald back to life with new versions of Vandal, Sheriff, Operator, Judge and the two-handed melee weapon Blades of Imperium, ready to consume your enemies with the most elegant finishing effect of VALORANT.

“Those of you who participated in the VALORANT 2020 Closed Beta probably remember the Imperium skin line. The dragon was the cornerstone of a skin line whose main theme was East Asian weapons and armor. We felt that the theme was very promising” and deserved further refinement to bring out its true potential. Rather than leave the model line in its original simplicity, we started from scratch and created the version we present to you today.” he declares Jean-Luc Tin SiveSenior producer of the game.

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