The new obsession of those who love minimal and natural manicure

If you’re a fan of minimalist manicures and prefer to wear plain and natural nail designs, then we have the latest nail art sensation for you: vanilla French nails. Yep, it’s a new twist on the classic French nails, updated following the fashion of nude nails or nude manicures. we’ve seen them rise Adele, Hailey Bieber, Sofia Richie and Kylie Jenner and its author zola ganzorigatThe famous manicurist who gave birth to the famous glitter nails or Hailey Bieber nails.

You will definitely fall in love!

25 Decorated French Nail Ideas You'll Want To Copy Immediately

What are the types of vanilla French nails?

It’s a French Manicure With a Few Twists blend the tip finely To create a soft, vanilla-like finish. For this, peachy nude shade nail polish is used for base and A. creamy white For the tip, aim to achieve the faded vanilla finish typical of this minimalist design.

If you only have the usual nude and white French manicure, you can resort to this trick Finish nails with a thin layer of base nude nail polish To give it a creamy finish. Beautiful and very attractive nails!

10 Original and Beautiful French Nail Ideas That Are Not Ordinary

What are the types of French on the nails?

From a basic design with a neutral base and a pristine white edge, French manicures have evolved in line with trends over the years.

  • colored french nails: It involves creating an edge of different colors or self on all the nails.
  • inverted french nails: It involves applying white or colored makeup to the base of the nail instead of the edge.
  • double french nails: They are double-edged French nails or in which the edge and the base or crescent of the nail are formed at the same time.
  • negative french nails: In this version they are colored in reverse, leaving the base and edge lighter in color or the edge being outlined and blank.
  • french nails with half moon: In this only the lunula of the nail is formed.
  • micro french nails: It involves creating the edge of the nail with a very fine line, in a minimalist style.
  • gradient french nails: The famous Baby Boomer, in which the edge and base colors blend into a soft gradient.
  • pointed french nails: In them the edge forms a triangular shape.
  • angled french nails: They are those who draw one-sided edges, whether they are round or square.

Why is it called French nail?

This Manicure Was Created by a Manicurist in the ’70s jeff pink, who, due to the advent of color in cinema, was looking for a versatile nail look that would match the entire wardrobe of Hollywood actresses. Although it was a tremendous success paris catwalk Which baptized them as French manicure.

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French Vanilla Nails: Almond Shaped

Vanilla French Manicure Looks Best long round nails like almond shaped, as you get a beautiful and natural finish for the hands. If you usually wear nails of this shape, you have to try these.

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