The new romantic comedy that you can see on Netflix this summer

We, the faithful believers that love and humor go hand in hand, are fascinated by watching romantic comedies, because we know that not everything should be corny and that is why these types of stories come in handy on those afternoons when we want to have a good time and give dopamine to the little heart.

If you are one of those who spends a good time sitting on the couch with the television control in hand without deciding what to watch, this is the perfect place for you, because today we will talk about the new movie by Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis. the season of happiness It is a romantic comedy that promises to make us spend a pleasant moment and full of some reflection. Its premiere was delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic and it was estimated that it would reach theaters, but ultimately, the producers decided to do it through Netflix.

the season of happiness

The plot tells us how Abby, played by Kristen, plans to propose to her girlfriend Harper, played by Mackenzie, during the Christmas parties organized by the latter’s family. However, her plan falls apart when she discovers that Harper’s relatives don’t know that she is gay and that is where a series of outrages begins that put their courtship at risk, as Harper introduces her as her heterosexual “friend”.

We have recently seen how the film of Lightyear has caused the incomprehensible controversy for including scenes where a couple of women kiss. In fact, the tape has been censored in many countries; we don’t even want to think about what answer it will have the season of happinessbecause its plot focuses on sexual orientation and its “acceptance”, but we hope that it does not spark any debate or anything like that.

The Season of Happiness Harper's Family

Definitely we do feel like seeing it on a weekend and we are anxious to know if you liked it or not, because we believe that inclusion is a very important issue in these times. Also, we love to laugh and we love to saylove is love!

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