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Selena Gomez just turned 30. For any mortal she represents the definitive step to maturity. And for her, an international star, with 345 million followers on social networks, forced to grow faster because she started working on television at the age of 10, it is also because she has reached that round number when the industry and the public seem to take it seriously for the first time as an adult actress thanks to the series Only murders in the building, which recently premiered its second season as the lead and as producer.

With the jump to 30, Gomez (Texas, 1992), moreover, closes a very difficult decade personally. That’s why her anniversary is even more important to her. “My 20s were a journey through good, difficult and beautiful times that I will never forget. Each one of them has shaped the person I am today,” she wrote for her birthday on her Instagram account. Thus, he summarized and recalled, without the need to go into detail, everything that has happened to him in recent years: the diagnosis of lupus and bipolar disorder, the kidney transplant, chemotherapy, anxiety attacks, panic and depression caused by for his illnesses and, especially, for the overexposure that he has suffered all his life. “For a long time I felt like an object, it was disgusting,” she confessed in a recent interview.

But these years have also been healing for the singer and actress. Overcome by public criticism, she left social media just as she became the most followed person in the world. That was four years ago and even today she still does not enter her profiles, she does not have the applications installed on her mobile and she talks on the phone with her friends and family, no messages. By disconnecting from the internet, she learned to be with herself and stop comparing herself with other lives and other physicists, as she herself has told, and has risen as a champion of natural beauty as demonstrated in a recent viral TikTok in which she claimed ” the bellies”.

After years focused on her career and projecting a perfect image, Gomez began to find happiness in helping others by being vulnerable, explaining her experience, coming forward naturally. She has transformed her suffering into activism and solidarity. In this time, in addition, she has founded Rare Beauty, a makeup brand designed “to make you feel good, without hiding what makes you unique”, as she announces herself. 1% of profits she donates to mental health support through the Rare Impact Fund, where she hopes to raise $100 million over the next 10 years. In addition, she has created together with her mother, Mandy Teefey, who was her manager in its early days, the Wondermind organization, which they define as a “mental exercise ecosystem to democratize and destigmatize mental health.”

This activism in favor of mental health has led her this 2022 to star in a campaign with the president of the United States, Joe Biden, and the first lady, Jill Biden, in which she once again assures: “I do not take my platform to the lightly, I am not perfect, I am human”. In the video she says that after everything she’s tried and done to get rid of “that feeling” she doesn’t plan on pretending to “have it all figured out” anymore.

According to her, the best example of this new Selena Gomez can be seen in another series that also started in the pandemic and now premieres its fourth season.: Selena + Chef, where he learns to cook with star chefs, such as the British Gordon Ramsay. “That’s when I’ve been the most myself to the world,” he says. And her Instagram is full of messages from fans thanking her for that imperfection of a bad cook on screen.

Selena Gomez and US First Lady Jill Biden during a forum on youth mental health at the White House in May 2022.
Selena Gomez and US First Lady Jill Biden during a forum on youth mental health at the White House in May 2022.TASOS KATOPODIS (Getty Images for MTV Entertainme)

In the promotion these weeks for Only murders in the building, The artist admitted that it took her a long time to realize that she had given her life to Disney. “I didn’t know what I was doing, I was just going from one shoot to another,” she recalled. When she broke free from the series that made her famous, Wizards of Waverly Place, He broke head-on with that childish and chaste image that the mouse house gave him when he participated in the film spring breakers (2012). Since then, he has worked with important directors like Woody Allen or Jim Jarmusch, but he had not gotten a role of his age and as a leading man until now thanks to the series that he shares with Martin Short and Steve Martin. And although the Emmys have forgotten about her as an actress —to the outrage of her peers and fans—, she has made history with a nomination as a producer, the third for a Latin woman in the television awards.

Far away is also his image as a celebrities more for her publicized relationship with singer Justin Bieber. She took control of her image and her personal life no longer occupies so many headlines: now Selena Gomez claims to seek tranquility and imagines a future as a mother and wife and, perhaps later, dedicated exclusively to philanthropy. There is only one facet in which she still feels that she has to prove that she is good: music. And despite what some media have said, she has no intention of abandoning her because it is her most personal form of expression. “I’m not saying I want a Grammy, but I feel like I’m doing the best I can, and it’s all about me,” she says from this new acquired maturity and serenity. She is the new Selena Gomez, entering her 30s as a businesswoman, a mental health activist, a respected image as a philanthropist, and a promising career as an actress and producer.

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