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Eye to the data ladies! because he is already here High School first trailer the series based on the book of the same name written by Tegan and Sara. And I couldn’t be more lesbian if I wanted to.

To begin with, the series is going to tell us, just like the book, everything that the twins experienced in high school, which we already know is not little. Those first loves, feeling confused, those moments when you try to connect but you have a hard time and obviously, their first steps as writers and singers.

For that reason alone we will know that there will be a lesbian theme because we are all clear that both Tegan and Sara bat for our side and are the executive directors of the project. But also, the director is Clea Duvall that as an actress made us dream of things like “But I’m a Cheerleader.” But in her new stage as a director, she has won our hearts and she grazes with films like “The Intervention” and “The Happiest Season.” Also who puts the money is Amazon.

Tegan and Sara will be played by the twins and stars of Tik Tok Railey Gilliland and Seazynn Gilliland. Also, I’m sure many of you will be pleased to know that cobie smulders She will play the mother of the girls. Here’s what Tegan had to say about choosing the twins to play:

I felt amazing when I saw Railey and Seazynn for the first time on TikTok. There was something undeniably intriguing about them: they were sweet and original, it was impossible not to look at them. I felt compelled to send the video to Sara. “Too bad they don’t act,” I told him in a text message.

“Sara was not discouraged. They were artists, musical and dynamic. “You can’t teach charisma,” Sara said, and they had it in spades. Sara was relentless: these were the twins who had to play us. We were so happy when they were chosen, and we couldn’t be more excited that everything turned out well.”

The series will be screened for the first time at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, but mortals will be able to see it from next October 14 at amazon freeve.

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