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Again the health of Vladimir Putin is questioned both in the international press and on social networks. The last to affirm that the president of Russia has health problems was Sergei Pugachev, his former banker.

Although the Kremlin denies all information about the Russian leader’s health, the international press and various world organizations assure that Putin suffers from Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

The health of Vladimir Putin: They assure that the Russian leader has a body double that replaces him and that he also uses “Deep Fake” technology to appear on television

The new video of Vladimir Putin that calls into question his state of health

A new video spread on social networks when Putin was given a guided tour of a military museum in St. Petersburg as part of one of the activities marking Russian Navy Day, which is celebrated on the last weekend of July each year. year, as published by 20 Minutes.

Clearly, Putin is seen in the visual to be allegedly unable to use his right arm and limping.

The 69-year-old president interacts with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s daughter, Ksenia, but the mosquitoes start bothering him and that’s when he looks like he can’t use his right arm.

The insects did not leave Putin alone and while they flew around his head, the Russian leader used only his right arm, leaving the left dangling and advancing with a slight limp.

During the political activity led by the Russian high command, Vladimir Putin signed a new military doctrine that accuses the United States of being Moscow’s greatest threat, while the Russian army confronts the Ukrainian in the Russia-Ukraine conflict that began on 24 february. (YO)

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