The new way to play LEGO in Fortnite is very similar to Minecraft: this is everything we know

fortnite will take care of one collaboration with LEGO Next December 2023, there will be one of the biggest deals in the game for the launch of UEFN. Not only that; From the information we know we can deduce that Epic Games intends to create a form similar to Minecraft. In this news we summarize what is everything that is known about it new way to play LEGO in Fortnite:

Fortnite x LEGO: everything you know about the new collaboration

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of excitement in the Fortnite community regarding new way to play LEGO. The fact that LEGO logo added to Fortnite servers I confirmed it first They don’t deal with noise or words, to something completely real. The Discord Server Bot data processing Fortnite Central captured this official image of the Fortnite servers.

On the other hand, the popular data miner HYPEX shared and summarized in many details about it. way to play LEGO in Fortnite, including the release date. Know:

  • LEGO game mode will be available on December 7, 2023.
  • We can play as LEGO characters.
  • Some of the items available are: LEGO blaster pistol, workbenches, beds, railings, catapults, map markers, zip lines and consumables such as potions.
  • We can collect scenarios and build objects with a construction kit.
  • You have a health and energy system.
  • We have rooms with curtains where we can sleep to regenerate health and energy, and we can start voting to sleep if we play with more people.
  • There are street vendors selling items, camps to sleep in, and enemies to play against.
  • It has an item creation mechanism and an inventory.
  • You can use certain versions of gestures and dances adapted to this way of playing.
  • We can show a wide range of emotions such as sadness, happiness or excitement.
  • The movement mechanics available are gliding, napping, hang gliding, flying, running, walking, and falling, and you will get hurt when you fall.

The description of several of these elements, such as using a health bar and other energies and the rooms you need to sleep and recover, is all you think about. Fortnite will create gameplay similar to Minecraft but with LEGO. Minecraft, for example the most successful and best-selling video game of all time with more than 300 million copies sold. While Fortnite also had great success that pushed Epic Games’ own unsuspected limits, It doesn’t seem easy to think that they want to create a simple way to play to the Mojang title and also use the LEGO brand to give it more legitimacy so that the public would not realize that it was a fake copy.

Minecraft is the most successful video game of all time and its content is suitable for children, which has made it very popular among a certain French audience.

In addition, this new way of playing had the trigger that Epic Games launched new age rating system que prevents you from using certain masks and items on maps classified appropriately for all audiences. Part of Minecraft’s success lies precisely in its low rating for children to show content suitable for children; In Europe it has PEGI 7, so I would like to say that it is recommended for older players.

This was the first time LEGO started working with Minecraft: There are many LEGO building sets based on the popular video game Mojang. Thus, “everything within the family”.

The LEGO brand has released many Minecraft sets.

In any case, we will have to wait until the end of the Fortnite Origins Period in early December 2023 before we can learn more about LEGO in Fortnite and see if it really looks like Minecraft or not.

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