The New Woman in Red: Ursula Corbero and the Most Fascinating Dress in History outfit

Spanish actress and influencer Georgina Rodriguez both wore dresses inspired by the famous model worn by Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’ this week.

If there’s an iconic look in the history of cinema, it’s the red dress starring Vivian beautiful lady (1990), Goes to the Opera. A dress that is seared into audiences’ memories and continues to influence the world of fashion and red carpet even 33 years after the film’s release. What may be considered one of cinema’s most memorable costumes was designed by the film’s costumer Marilyn Vince. The designer created a custom dress for Julia Roberts. I was looking for a romantic look that would leave her shoulders open so that the hero could wear the choker that Edward (Richard Gere) had given her. “I was clear that I wanted it to be red,” Vince said in an interview. The impact of this choice of the costume designer is so great that even in 2023, we will continue to see replicas of that dress on the red carpet. This week actress Ursula Corbero and influencer Georgina Rodriguez wore outfits inspired by the famous work. Beautiful woman.

Ursula Corbero attended the premiere The body is on fire, The new Netflix series about the murder of a Barcelona urban guard, with a model signed by Vivienne Westwood with a Bardot neckline and large leg openings. When the actress arrived at Madrid’s Capitol Theater to sign autographs and take photos with her fans, it was impossible not to think that she looked exactly like Julia Roberts. Beautiful woman. In her case, she left all the prominence on the dress and paired it with simple jewelery and open hair, creating a new version of the woman in red.

The same dress that Corbero wore in Madrid, but in a smaller version, was also chosen by Hailey Bieber, one of the most powerful influencers in the world, to participate in the American television program ‘Good Morning America’.

Ursula Corbero with a red dress by Vivienne Westwood. Photo: Getty

Hailey Bieber reached the set of ‘Good Morning America’. Photo: Getty

Georgina Rodriguez is also clear that the red dress inspired beautiful womann is a piece of the season. To visit the red carpet at the 80th edition of the Venice Film Festival, the businesswoman and partner of football player Cristiano Ronaldo chose a long red dress with bare shoulders signed by Vetements and combining it with a spectacular choker. Other Mostra guests, such as Benedetta Porcaroli, also opted for a pair of long red dresses.

Georgina Rodriguez in Venice.

The world’s best stylists know well that red is one of the most attractive colors and it works best in party clothes. Very few people know that at the time it was released beautiful lady The fashion world baptized that tone of red as Valentino red and the birth of the creator’s love affair with this tone had a lot to do with Spanish culture. During a vacation, the designer went to the Liceo theater in Barcelona and fell forever in love with the bright and cheerful shade of red. “I have always loved red since I can remember, but I discovered it and it captured me after my first trip to Spain,” the Italian recalled in Vogue. “At the time I lived in Paris and was under twenty years old. One night they invited me to the theater, and there I saw a series of very beautiful Spanish women dressed in red. Luxurious and fiery, very sensual and elegant. He later made red the signature color of his brand and designed hundreds of long red dresses in his collections that have been worn by high society women and Hollywood stars for decades. Today Valentino’s words make more sense than ever, when you can see that his red dresses, like Vivienne’s famous opera dress, will never go out of style.

Benedetta Porcaroli at the Venice Film Festival.

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