The news that Piqué will like the least comes to light: Shakira accused as the culprit of everything

Gerard Pique and Shakira They met in 2010, and they began an idyllic relationship, having two children, Milan and Sasha. As a result of various rumors of a possible infidelity of the footballer to the singer, both announced that they were going to separate, at which time all the suspicions that the world tabloids had were confirmed.

Everything that has happened after the breakup is already history. The Colombian has released up to three songs expressing her pain and disagreement with everything that has happened in these months, where she has felt publicly humiliated. For her part, Piqué retired from football in November, news that surprised everyone, and began his journey in the Kings League.

Gerard Piqué

Now that it will be a year since the news, Shakira has already packed her bags and has left Barcelona forever. She has moved to Miami, where she will live with the children she has in common with the Catalan. When it seemed that everything was going to be peace in the life of the Colombian, information has come to light that will shake everything again.

Shakira could have revealed the identity of Clara Chía, Piqué’s partner

On August 19, 2022, Piqué and Clara Chía confirmed their relationship, and they met for the first time without identity, but in the Spanish gossip press, they had known the person with whom he had been unfaithful for months. Now it seems that it could be Shak herself who leaked to the news the most searched name at that timeso at least the account @ClaGerFans, a supporter of the relationship between Piqué and Clara Chía, has published, directly accusing the Colombian.

Currently, it remains unknown how this information became known, and the one from Barranquilla points out as one of the possible culprits. In Spain, only Piqué and Shakira’s circle knew about it, but the news broke when Laura Fa, Jordi Martin and Lorena Vázquez gave the first data a few weeks before the reveal.

for now, no one has come out to deny the contrary, and the question of who leaked the information It will be a summary secret, but, if so, Piqué will not be at all satisfied with what was his girlfriend for 12 years.


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