The Noble is back with the new M500

WELCOME BACK NOBLE – Just imagine the satisfaction of being one of eight people who, light years away from the spotlight, has been working day and night on a new supercar for more than three years. No mega-factories and managers in suits and ties, not even the shadow: just a small team of men very busy relaunching a company that many will probably have forgotten today, but which in 2010 managed and amazed. The outsider, at the time, was called Noble M600: he dumped 650 CV on the ground with rare violence. Today, after twelve years, the Noble gets talked about again, presenting the production version of the prototype presented for the first time at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​(here the news). The company founded Lee Noble in 1999 thus returns to peep out among the manufacturers of dream cars. And it does so by leveraging on its greatest strengths, summarized in knowing how to transfer cars capable of touching the strings of emotion from the blank sheet to the road.

NO ELECTRONIC “HELP” – The new racing car is called Noble M500 and vaguely resembles a McLaren (which in itself is a great compliment), even if compared to the illustrious compatriots it is much less “tame”. Yes, because at Noble they have always followed a kind of mantra: the less interference between man and machine there is, the better. The reference, of course, is to the electronic invasion of recent times, in this case not received. To be clear, there are no airbags and not even ABS, only the power steering, and little more than 500 hp released by the engine 3.5 V6 biturbo of Ford origin (which on the production model should rise to 550) must be managed in the old way, acting with all the force and precision of the case on a classic manual gearbox with six H-speeds.

GREAT FIBER – The bodywork of the Noble M500, in fiberglass and not carbon, as on the previous M600, hides a tubular steel frame that is 70% identical to the one designed over ten years ago, which suggests the same exceptional dynamic qualities of its older sister. The practically definitive style is both agile and powerful. The feeling is that the car body has been sculpted from a single block, with even the functional parts for technical requirements, such as the air vents on the side and on the bonnet, obtained by subtraction. Comfort and practicality, on cars of this kind, are obviously not among the main evaluation parameters, but the designers worked hard to obtain a welcoming interior and a front luggage compartment comparable to that of a Porsche 911.

WAIT BY THE END OF THE YEAR – Speaking of Porsche: the most sporty customers of the Zuffenhausen house seem to be the ideal target that Noble has set itself to reach with its new supercar, which should arrive by the end of 2022 but at the moment it cannot even be ordered. in the UK, because the company is still thinking about the selling price. Now, the Noble M500 it is certainly not a cheap car to build, but it is likely that by optimizing the production cycle as much as possible, the Noble will be able to offer it for a figure of around 150,000 pounds (about 180,000 euros). That’s about 20,000 euros less than a Porsche 911, compared to which the new British supercar is much less powerful, but – with an estimated weight of 1,250 kg – also much lighter.

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