The number of foreign associates has declined, accounting for 12.8% of total employment.

The number of foreign associates has declined, accounting for 12.8% of total employment.ep

The year started with social security 37,183 fewer foreign affiliates than at the end of 2023Unless it remains above 2.63 million workers (12.8% of total employment), due to a decline in most activities, mainly in hospitality and commerce.

According to data released this Friday by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, in the last twelve months, the average affiliation of workers from other countries has increased by 8.1%, with 196,034 workers joining.

Out of total foreign associates, 56.2% are men, and the remaining 43.8% are women, while 32.4% are from EU countries (852,163) and 67.6% are from third countries (1,779,430). The largest group of employed people is Romania (328,464)Morocco (318,750), Italy (173,458), Colombia (174,388) and Venezuela (146,469).

by the government, 83.4% are associated with general governanceWith about 2.2 million workers, the figure declined by 1.65% compared to December, with a decline in most sectors of activity. Decreases occurred in administrative activities (-4.1% to 213,239 members), hospitality (-3.1% to 346,150), commerce (-1.8% to 283,121) and agricultural systems (-2.18% to 224,427).

However, over the past twelve months, membership of the general regime increased by 8.4% due to growth of more than 10% in the hospitality (13.7%), construction (11.8%), health activities (11.5%), scientific sectors (11.5%), and other industries (11.5%). and technical activities (10.8%) and financial activities (also 10.8%). In contrast, employment in extra-sector activities and organizations and bodies (-0.2%) and the specialized agricultural system (-0.9%) declined, while it remained practically unchanged in the specialized household system.

self-employment overseas employment

For its part, the self-employment regime (RETA) is counted 431,345 foreign affiliates, practically unchanged Compared to December and 6.5% higher than a year earlier.

From among the group of self-employed workers, 14.8% come from China, 11% from Romania and 8.8% from Italy; And among the activities with the most members, commerce (more than 100,000) and hospitality (72,000) predominate, although the one that has grown the most in the last year is information and communications (20%).

Social Security also details that, as of January, there are 65,511 members from UkraineWhich is 18,252 more than in January 2022, a month before the impact of the war.

In seasonally adjusted terms, the number of foreign associates stood at 2.7 million, after adding 24,056 employees in January, marking the highest level of foreign-born contributors ever. According to this adjusted calculation, the system has recorded an increase of more than 546,748 workers from other countries since February 2020.


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