‘The OC’: 3 of the most absurd plots of the series

Fox’s Teen Soap, the oc, blew everyone’s socks off when it debuted in 2003. (Okay, okay. Maybe not everyone, but if you were a young adult in the early years, you definitely watched this show.) However, even the most hardcore fan has to admit that some of the series’ plotlines were a bit too far gone to seem believable. Here are the five most absurd stories of the oc

‘The OC’ Season 4 Kicks Off With Ryan Taking Cage Fights

Listen, when you lose your on-and-off girlfriend who cheated on you multiple times and was essentially trouble in human form, you turn to cage fighting to alleviate the emotional damage. At least that’s what Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie) did. the oc Season 4 picks up several months after Marissa Cooper’s (Mischa Barton) death by fire.

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