The OCU delivers its verdict: these are the two best canned beers sold in Spain

beer It is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. According to the Ministry of Consumption, they are consumed in Spain Total 23.31 liters per person per year, These statistics confirm that drinking beer has become a tradition in our country and is a moment of disconnection from the daily routine for many people.

Nevertheless, it must be remembered that beer is a alcoholic beverages That’s why it is not right to misuse it. Although its graduation is low, its excessive consumption can lead to serious health problems like cirrhosis, obesity or heart disease in the long run.

Beer is always a part of the plans we make with friends. From visiting the terrace with friends to planning your own house. sure that Many people have their favorite brand But the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has wanted to shed some light on the subject and revealed what are two best beers The canned ones that we can find in supermarkets.

OCU has done a study with this in mind 17 Different Brands of Lager Beer, that is, beer of golden color, which has a mild taste and an alcohol content of between 4.5 and 5.5 degrees. To do the ranking, various factors have been taken into account such as composition, fermentation, labeling and expert tasting done by experts. In general, the results have been positive and most have passed the study filter.

The Best Canned Beers According to the OCU

The OCU study rates beer on a scale of 0 to 100 and surprisingly, many white brands have become an affordable alternative to big-name others. Blind testing done by recognized experts Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), These are the two beers that received the best scores in the OCU analysis and can be found in Spain:

  1. zibeka sueva: This Dam brand beer receives a score of 80 points and costs between 50 and 70 cents per can. According to OCU, it is known for its limited bitterness, low medium body and high sensation of gas.

  2. Classic Mahou: With a 76 point by OCU and a price between 55 and 72 cents, experts consider this a beer with medium bitterness, moderate gas sensation, and low body.

On the other hand, among the best private label beers we find beers Aurum of Erosky Supermarket and which has received a score of 74. another excellent carlsquel of the Aldi chain and with a score of 72 points. Both brands cost about 30 cents per can.

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