The old diet of Angelina Jolie that was quite obsessive

It is said that Angelina Jolie had a very special diet, or more than special, somewhat obsessive.

A staff member of the A-list star spoke with InTouch in 2011 on the “obsession with food” of the star and said that the dietary needs of Angelina Jolie are very different. The actress, known for her slender figure, is said to have a poor appetite.

“His diet is different”said a source. “Sometimes he only eats green tea and nuts. Other times he eats red meat and wine, then tea and some protein.”. Another informant also stated that Jolie sometimes he orders the same dish over and over again. “I was obsessed with soup”an employee told the magazine. “Bouillon without a cream base…it became a constant request”. Grazia magazine, on the other hand, points out that the actress consumes up to 600 calories a day.

“Angelina is known to only eat a tablespoon of coconut oil and a handful of cereal a day”, said a source to the publication of the ex-partner of Brad Pitt. “It’s worrisome that she’s so busy that she often forgets to eat.”

The source added that the star sometimes skips lunch or eats almonds or caramels to go, or drinks a protein shake instead of a full meal. “So dinner could be a lean steak and a glass of red wine,” said the source.

“Everyone tells her to eat more and she’s trying not to lose any more weight, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like she’s gaining any more weight.” Jolie has previously defended his body, saying that “She’s always been skinny.”

The old Angelina Jolie diet that was quite obsessive. Source: Free Recipes

The old Angelina Jolie diet that was quite obsessive. Source: PopSugar

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