The Old Way, Nicolas Cage debuts in the western … and doubles

Nicolas Cage

After almost half a century of career he didn’t expect it either, and instead … After having interpreted what he himself called his “craziest” film (Prisoners of the Ghostland, of Zion Sono), for Nicolas Cage the time has come fordebut in the western. And with two films.

Prisoners of the Ghostland, Nicolas Cage in a delirious and wild trailer

The first, The Old Way, is directed by Brett Donowho (Acts of Violence) starting from a screenplay by Carl W. Lucas and sees him in the role of a former gunslinger seeking revenge, as those accredited to the Toronto Film Festival will be able to preview.

“After 43 years in the cinema, only now am I invited to the important and legendary genre of the western, with The Old Way and Butcher’s Crossing, – were the words of Cage. – For me, born and raised in the West is a long overdue opportunity. I’m excited and attracted to the complex characters of Briggs and Miller, and it’s thrilling to be able to find a new playing field at 57. “.

Where Briggs and Miller are obviously the protagonists of the two films. With Butcher’s Crossing, currently in pre-production, which will show us the good Nicolas as an expert hunter and guide who joins a band of buffalo hunters on a journey across the frontier and through the wilderness of Colorado. An adaptation of the 1960 novel of the same name by John Williams (also author of Nothing, only the night).

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A film that follows the acclaimed Pig, the next The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and the aforementioned Prisoners of the Ghostland (since the project on Joe Exotic is definitely gone). In addition to The Old Way, which the director himself presented as follows:

“It is an honor and a privilege to work with Nic on the first western of his illustrious career. Not only does he embody the character of Briggs, but he’s also the consummate professional a director dreams of working with to bring such an enigmatic character to life. As a father of three, I can’t wait to share this compelling story of a father and daughter and their exciting journey of discovery. ”


Colton Briggs, a former gunfighter who now runs a convenience store and lives peacefully with his family, returns home only to find his world destroyed when a gang of outlaws kills his wife in cold blood. At that point, all he can do is take back his trusty pistol, which had not been used for years, and get on the saddle with an unlikely companion: his 12-year-old daughter.

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