The orange color is a trend in the spring/summer 2022 season

The 2022 is becoming the year of vindication of the Orange. From jackets to crop top of this color are setting a trend in the world. A premise that experts have used is that bright colors are to summer what pastel tones and floral styles are to spring.

Under that line, this year one of the colors that is prevailing is orange and several celebrities are teaching how to wear this color in its different shades with clothes of different styles. This range is added to a line of colors such as fuchsia, used by important brands such as Valentino, and yellow in different shades.

Rihanna, For example, she is one of the celebrities who has not hesitated to show off her orange sheepskin coat. Although she had previously shown another coat with brighter colors, this time she wore a slightly more opaque one that also made her look like a whole diva.

Lily Collins She is another of the famous ones who gives classes on how to wear this tone “Mandarin”. the protagonist of Emily in Paris wore a suit from head to toe in this color. Under the concept of looking elegant with this color so brightmimicked his outfits with a neutral colored blouse.

kim kardashian It has been characterized by always looking at the forefront and with the orange color it was not going to be the exception. The influencer was seen in February wearing a brown and orange jumpsuit. The socialite provoked all kinds of reactions on Instagram after sharing a photo on their social networks with one piece.

A few weeks ago at the Grammy ceremony, the singer HER also gave something to talk about with a dress cream orange. With that dress he paid homage to Aretha Franklin.

Sarah Paulson is another Hollywood celebrity who has been measured to wear outfits of this color. She is remembered for having worn an orange suit jacket. The Burberry dress was combined with a look in which he made overlays of matching skirt, vest and bag.

Without a doubtthis color is one of those that is marking the spring/summer season of 2022, and although some consider it scandalous, it is a color that, when used well, can make you look at the forefront. The most important brands in the world have already included these tones in their garments.

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