The other side of EICMA 2021: curiosities and trends | Vlog from Oppo Find X3 Pro

The 78th edition of EICMA has ended but its ferment remains, carrying with it a wind of change and restart destined to persist (and to make us forget the year of forced stop by the pandemic). Among new proposals, absences and great returns, which we talked about in another article, there are also many curiosities and evidences that we have intercepted snaking through the stands and grouped into three macro-trends: the push of e-bikes, with a fan increasingly rich in their variations, a renewed design that aims at essentiality (with some surprises) and a more necessary attention to road safety.

To unite the pavilions of the exhibition with an even greater incisiveness than in past years a great red thread (indeed, green), theboost to sustainable mobility, more and more protagonist among the new entries on the market. This year the constructors’ message has in fact resounded loud and clear: the future of two wheels is already here, and it is their electrification.

To tell you about our foray into EICMA we have decided to use only and exclusively a smartphone, indeed, a pair of Oppo Find X3 Pro (Review). A little for challenge, a little for opportunity, we wanted to show that the level of some top of the range of 2021 – including the Find X3 Pro just mentioned – are able to achieve high image quality and can almost always replace prosumer cameras too. We shot for the occasion most clips in 4K at 60fps (the front ones are at 1080p upscaled in 4K), with optical stabilization and active electronics and DJI Osmo Mobile 4 gimbal following for convenience.



The time is not yet ripe to have an entire pavilion entirely dedicated to e-bike (who knows, maybe at the next edition …), however the many models scattered around the fair have allowed us to get a more concrete idea of ​​the trends that animate this sector. The impression is that the electrification has given a real shock to the producers, even to the Italian ones.

There are many mountain and city models, but the rise of the gravel segment. At the transmission level, the belt flanks the chain with some interesting traction evolutions: on this front the new H700 from Bafang, a very compact motor (250W of power and 32 Nm torque in a 3.2 kg body) which stands out for the characteristic deceleration system of the house but also and above all for the integration of a two-speed gearbox that detects constantly the speed of the bike to automatically set the best gear.

The belt transmission is one of the distinctive features of the Noko proposal, an emerging tricolor brand that wants to get noticed for the connection of racing components (engine, battery, handlebar and seat post come from FSA, Raicam and Sram hydraulic brakes) and the possibility of online customization.

In general i e-bike prices still remain quite high (many models from 3,000 euros upwards) reason that has prompted many manufacturers to work on the concept of portability as a deterrent to theft – folding e-bikes are now a trend in the sector as demonstrated by the solutions adopted by the aforementioned V-Ital Group – but also on the integration of GPS systems with mobile application for tracking.


Essentiality, minimalism and a wise use of materials, not without a glance towards the future. The design of most of the new electric proposals of EICMA 2021 is marked by these three connotative traits (with one exception), a synthesis of form and material that reverberates the new needs of sustainable mobility.

The lines of CAKE. From the frost of Sweden to Italy, where it has just made its debut, the manufacturer with the unusual name offers a range of truly curious electric motorbikes and scooters, which stand out from any other model on the market. Not only for the essential and unadorned, almost stylized aesthetics, dominated by a powder blue frame that further softens the lines, but also for the excellent driveability and autonomy.

Particularly striking is the CAKE: work range, built on the three existing models of the Scandinavian brand, now adapted to the needs of new professional uses with the noble intention of reducing the environmental footprint of logistics services in urban centers. A few examples? Dare: work is an electric two-wheeler available in three models with a maximum speed of 25 km / h, 45 km / h and 90 km / h capable of towing even small trailers.

As for practicality and portability, the proposal of Life, an Italian startup of electric bikes, e-scooters and scooters with a half Milanese and half Neapolitan soul (the factories are located in Somma Vesuviana, in the province of Naples). The most interesting specimen of the range is called MyToy and it is a foldable fat bike that turns into a trolley with an assisted system that facilitates transport. The range is 50 km, which reaches 100 with the optional battery, weighs 25 kg and, if you press the “Walk” button set on a handle that protrudes from the frame, you’re done.

In contrast to other manufacturers, MV Agusta makes a twofold proposal of electric scooters sparkle from its stand, with which the historic brand makes its debut in the segment, which winks at the nostalgic lines – the most eccentric ones – of the past. They are called Quick And Morazzone, the first is a concentrate of exuberance and attention to materials, with 500W power (the maximum allowed by the law) and an autonomy of about 50 km, the second is a prototype with a scooter-style front “fairing” which heralds the style of possible future models and which could land on the market in the coming months.


Among motorbikes, scooters, scooters and microcars, one of the strands of EICMA 2021 could only be there road safety. The theme is still topical, but even more so in the light of the results of the latest research promoted by Anas on the bad habits of motorists, from which a not very reassuring picture emerges: one in three drivers does not use a seat belt, one in two does not use the child seats and unfortunately the indiscipline also affects the indicator lights.

55% of drivers do not light their arrows for overtaking maneuvers, 59% do not use them for entering or exiting ramps, and one in ten drivers use their mobile phones improperly. All dangerous habits that also have repercussions on cyclists, motorcyclists and those who travel in micro-mobility: hence the usefulness of making themselves more visible with light solutions such as that of the French company Road Light.

Is called Click Light and it is simple but effective, you may have already seen some around: it is a luminous panel that lights up showing the arrows and stop signs; it is worn on the back thanks to a harness, and is connected to a remote control to be installed on the scooter or bicycle; in the case of the motorcycle, it can be connected directly to the standard light indicator system. Price: 99 euros, with progressive discounts if you recommend it to friends or passers-by intrigued by the gimmick.

Another device that could prove extremely useful are the overtrousers with Air Dynamics airbag: the French company based in the Toulouse area has brought to EICMA this garment made of rainproof and abrasion-resistant fabric, quick to wear over all types of trousers, which inflates thanks to rechargeable compressed air cartridges. Combines the airbag with the technology used for fighter aircraft pilots’ suits: it is activated when the cable connected to the motorcycle comes off due to the driver’s fall.

Also among the French startups the idea of ​​a multimedia viewer to be inserted in the helmet: a kind of digital monocle that allows you to view navigation maps, but also a series of information related to the smartphone, from the address book to call management.


Article made in collaboration with Greta Rosa, Roberto Catania and Elena Toni

(updated November 30, 2021, 5:12 pm)

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