The Overwatch League has arrived: Blizzard is looking forward to the esports event amid several crises

The Overwatch League will cease to exist according to what we know. This was confirmed by Blizzard in a press release published this morning. The esports event unfolded in different ways. difficulties during the last few months and, because of this, the company decided to stop it to achieve it. new alternatives for a competitive scenario.

At the end of the 2023 season, Blizzard announced a process to define the future of the league. Teams wanted to vote to stay or move up in the league. I read with different reports, most of the soldiers decided to abandon the projectso that the Overwatch League simply cannot continue.

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The Overwatch League continues counting days

In this announcement, Blizzard welcomes the community to make the Overwatch League possible for the past 6 years. Let’s make it clear that he is not retiring from the competitive scene, but it will be possible to improve the skills of his team shooter, but from a new perspective.

“We are transitioning the Overwatch League and evolving Overwatch competitiveness in a new direction. We welcome everyone who has made the OWL possible and are focused on building our vision of a revitalized esports program. We are excited to share details with everyone. looking for a future,” the study states.

Because teams decide not to remain in the league, the company will have to pay a termination fee of $6 million per team. Then the payment would be approximately between $114 and $120 million. Several reports claim that the payment will actually have to be made by Microsoft, the new owner of the league and the studio.

It's time to dispatch the Overwatch League
It’s time to dispatch the Overwatch League

What happened to the Overwatch League?

The Overwatch League was born in 2016 as an ambitious project that sought to take electronic sports and competitive leagues to a new level. All this confirming the terrible outcome that occurred in the shooter’s first meeting with the team.

The league suffered several coups throughout its history, attracting criticism for its high starting prices. Later, several controversies arose that also affected the image of the league. We are mainly referring to the domestic and discrimination scandals within Activision Blizzard, which cost them important sponsors at the event.

Later the situation became quite complicated due to the pandemic, it was time to restructure and change its format due to the impossibility of holding live events with spectators. Similarly, Blizzard experienced a crisis in China due to its conflict with NetEase, which could also have affected the esports circuit.

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