The Oxxo cashier revealed a peculiar proposal that they made to her on networks

Alex Silvais a young woman who achieved great popularity during the pandemic for the videos she made on the Tik Tok platform and also for her great physical resemblance to the famous singer Dua Lipa, she also has a natural beauty that attracts the attention of her followers and a unique charisma

She is recognized for working in the Oxxo market chain and being a cashier at one of them, she usually shares on her official account instagram images of her inside the store and wearing the characteristic red and yellow uniform, she can also be seen serving different customers.

Beautiful Alex Silva during her work at Oxxo Source: Instagram lupana_cano

Alex Silva, has managed to conquer the hearts of her fans with her incredible beauty and her simplicity when she appears on her social networks. Currently, the famous woman has more than 115,000 followers on the camera’s most famous social network who offer her support and affection to the beautiful cashier.

Recently, Alex shared an image where you could see a conversation about a peculiar job proposal that was made to him through his social media and the message began by saying: “Hello Lupe, I would like to offer you 100 dollars for 5 photos of your feet”, to which Silva commented: “That hardly exists.”

This was the message about the strange proposal that Alex Silva was offered:

Undoubtedly, a very strange job for the Oxxo cashier. Source: Instagram lupana:cano

The messages continued saying that if he dared to do this job they would pay him 200 dollars and then he changed the offer to 1000 dollars and even the fan gave him the option to negotiate if he preferred, without a doubt this strange proposal caught the attention of the cashier , to which I later accompany their stories with a video of their feet.


From behind, the Oxxo cashier paralyzes the network with a tight top

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