The Pages of Our Lives: the unforgettable love story between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

Galeotto was the set of the film The Pages of our life, where the two actors met

Cinema is a magical place, where you know anything can happen, including meeting the love of your life. It was like this for Canadian actor Ryan Gosling who on the set of The pages of our life, he met Rachel McAdams. The 2004 film will air this evening on Sky Cinema Romance at 21.00 and we decided to retrace the relationship between the two actors who made fans dream on and off the big screen.

The pages of our life is the adaptation of the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks, author known for his novels with unforgettable love stories. In 2004 they are chosen as protagonists Ryan Gosling, in the role of Noah and Rachel McAdams in those of Allie. The film tells the story of these two young people who know each other and fall deeply in love despite their differences in social class. But fate separates them only to make them meet again years later. The spark, however, is only dormant and the two understand that their destinydespite the difficulties is to stay together forever, facing whatever adversity life throws at him.

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The Pages of our life: the magic of an encounter

If the story between Noah and Allie, after many years, continues to move viewers and the film is regarded as one of the romantic films par excellence, even that among their interpreters is no less. In an interview, director Nick Cassavetts stated that, despite what one might think, the two actors didn’t get along at all at first. However, the spark seems to have been taken in a famous and iconic scene from the film, which has always made fans dream. From that moment a relationship was born between the two that lasted for two years. The growing fame they were achieving, however, prompted the two to separate.

Although fans were deeply sorry and even unable to understand how the two could break up, the relationship between them is remembered with much affection by Ryan Gosling. The actor has in fact always had only positive words about his ex-partner, coming to define her as one of the greatest loves of his life. He will thank you forever The pages of our life for letting him meet the actress. The chemistry and passion between the two, Gosling also declared, was even greater than that between their characters. In short, a truly unforgettable love. In 2004 the two won the‘MTV Movie Awards for Best Kiss, recreating the iconic moment on stage.

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