The painful aesthetic treatment of the queen consort Camila

The wife of King Carlos III, at 75, still “must” meet the standards that are required of her to be part of British royalty, the pressure is so great that she has resorted to some somewhat strange procedures, this is the painful and unusual beauty treatment to which the queen consort Camila undergoes.

No matter how hard I try Camila Parker move away from the image of Lady Diit will always be a shadow in his life and despite the fact that the current queen consort of united kingdom Little by little, the affection of the people has been won, the comparisons do not stop, so the latter has removed the heavy artillery from the beautyand no, it’s not about the scalpel.

It is nothing more and nothing less than bee venomas you read it. This is the painful and uncommon Beauty treatment to which he submits Camilla from United Kingdomas revealed Bertrand Meyer-Stableyin his bookmajesty‘, a procedure which aims to reduce expression lines and give the skin a younger look.

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In the book Bertrand Meyer-Stableynote that it is not just any beeEast aesthetic treatment requires a specific species, the ‘Kenyans‘, from which the venom of the sting is extracted by means of a rather complex procedure, and then carefully applied to the face.

According to beauty guru and also a stylist for Kate Middleton, Deborah Mitchellthis rare procedure, is an excellent resource for controlling and tightening facial muscles, as well as firming, lifting, brightening and moisturizing the skin, as well as a wonderful anti aging treatment.

Now that we know what this beauty treatment refers to, we are not surprised that Camila Parker has submitted to him, for in ‘Majesty’other procedures are also reported that the daughter-in-law of Isabel II and their reasons.

The painful aesthetic treatment of the queen consort Camila (Instagram)

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Other beauty procedures that Camila Parker has resorted to

It is said, according to the words of the book written by Bertrand Meyer-Stabley, that the british queen consorthas a great list of aesthetic treatments to his credit, since peeling Y To be on the face to reduce expression lines, such as botox on the forehead and lips.

Also, it is narrated that Camila Parker has undergone teeth whitening and forced to quit smoking, as the appearance of worn teeth, as well as yellowing, were not worthy of the image of a queenand of course, they didn’t look like Diana Spencer’s.

Main reason why the royal advisers They recommended him for saying somehow to the ex Duchess of Cornwall to submit to certain changes that would favor him in his pictureto balance the scale with the constant comparisons between her and the Wale’s princessbecause his lackluster skin, yellow teeth and wild hair were not going to win the battle.

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