The painful cry of a Colombian child with terminal cancer in the United States

“His tumor is almost all over his body,” said Colombian Sindy Garzón, mother of little Julián Rosales, who was diagnosed with cancer, through tears. A couple of years ago, the boy traveled to the United States for treatment; however, he is now terminally ill.

The 11-year-old from Cali calls for help so that the US authorities grant him a humanitarian visa that allows his father to be with him during this complex time.

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“I miss him a lot. He hasn’t come to see me for two and a half or three years. I feel bored being here without my dad,” Julián said for the international channel. NTN24.

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It’s not like I’m brave or strong, it’s something that touches

From the information of his relatives, it all started with a Ewing’s sarcoma. This, considered rare in children and adolescents, can be found in multiple parts of the body, such as the arms, pelvis, spine, skull, neck, among other bones and soft tissues, as explained by the National Cancer Institute of the United States. Joined.

Once the cancer has spread, it can travel through the lymphatic system or blood to other parts of the body. According to the health entity, when this happens, the terminal stage is entered.

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According to his mother, who accompanies him to the consultations at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, the child does not have the option of chemotherapy due to the progression of the disease. “He already has his tumor in his head, in his eye, in his lungs, in his liver,” he assured the aforementioned medium.

While he waits for his call to the United States Embassy to be taken into account, he receives messages of support from important figures, such as soccer player James Rodríguez.

“I send you a greeting of strength, everything will be fine. A big hug, God bless you”, the Olympiacos Fútbol Club player expressed in a video.

Although some highlight his courage and generosity, including his mother, Julián thinks otherwise: “It’s not like I’m brave or strong, it’s something that touches.”

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