The pandemic “is not over, the data on Covid are completely false”: Ricciardi’s accusation

Walter Ricciardi has a very clear idea. “The data circulating today” on the spread of Covid in the world “are completely distorted” because they are underestimated but “governments are influenced by public opinions that want the pandemic is over, and they are substantially subjected to it, perpetuating the current detection systems “which are not adequate. This was stated by the advisor to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, connected with the Oxfam Festival in Florence.

Mascherine, Viola: “Off in the summer, but the virus will continue to circulate and we will put them back in the autumn”

Long Covid increases the risk of thrombosis: “Higher risk for those who have difficulty exercising after the disease”

For Ricciardi “the pandemic is still dramatically present, and it will not end until we vaccinate the entire world population. This is what political leaders fail to make understand, who unfortunately today are hesitating with respect to this solution, that there will be no if the temporary suspension of patents is not decided ”. In fact, the minister’s advisor added, “it is important to preserve intellectual property, but not always: in the presence of a pandemic, it is necessary to privilege world health by temporarily suspending patents until the pandemic ends, or by making compulsory licenses as required. said the president of the EU Commission Von Der Leyen “.

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