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Leon, Gto. (OEM, Informex).- Refugee at 9 months from his native country, Chilelosing his mother 23 years ago in a rather painful way, is just a bit of the harsh reality of the actor at the moment Peter Pascalwho joins the list of Hispanics who have managed to make their mark in Hollywood.

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His current participation in “The Last Of Us” is breaking records on HBO, that nobody expected; its figures can be mediated with “Game of Thrones” and “The House of the Dragon”, and that is already big words.


The Latino actor has vast experience in film and television, becoming one of the best-known faces of the Sci-Fi and action genres..

He was born on April 2 in Santiago, Chili. Son of a psychologist mother and doctor fathersupporters of the opposition movement against the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

In several interviews he has commented that From a very young age he wanted to dedicate himself to acting. To fulfill his dream, he moved with his family to New York in 1993, and it was in the Big Apple, where he studied at Tisch School of the ArtsOther celebrities such as Ethan Hawke, Elizabeth Olsen and Anne Hathaway have graduated from that school.


At 47, Pascal is at his best, remember that 10 years ago he was a complete stranger. It is easy to say, but it has been a long journey for this “refugee”, as he calls himself.

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“I am a refugee, my parents they fled Chile under Pinochet in 1976 when I was nine months oldand they were able to start from scratch and earn a living in the USA. I didn’t choose to come to this country, but growing up here has shaped exactly who I am today, and I can’t imagine if I hadn’t gone through that where I would be. My family was brave, without them I would not be here, in this wonderful country”, declared the Chilean in one of his most emotional interviews that he has given.

Before achieving success, he worked as a waiter in New York.narrated that he moved to Los Angeles, after graduating to get a job, but His plans did not go as he expected.


Pedro Pascal’s professionalism allows him to adapt to film genres such as thriller, intrigue, adventure, TV series, Science fiction and for this reason he has made so many films throughout his career in cinema.

His first opportunities were received on television, with series like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”“Touch by an Angel” and “NYPD Blue”.

Little by little he became known with secondary roles such as Prince Oberyn Martell in the television series “Game of Thrones”, Javier Peña in the series “Narcos” on Netflix; the Mandalorian, in the series “The Mandalorian”, from Disney+ and “The Last Of Us”, today one of the biggest worldwide successes right now, Pedro plays the protagonist, Joel Miller.

In addition to being attractive, he has been crowned one of the sexiest men in the world in different internationally renowned magazines such as People.


About the curiosities of the actor, It is said that some HBO series are filmed in a five-star Italian resort surrounded by beautiful people, This was expressed on the Saturday Night Live program, in which he shared that he He refused those luxuries because it was too easy a job for him.

He explained that He asked to film in a frozen Canadian forest while being chased by a guy whose head looks like a genital wart.


One of the strongest blows the actor has received was the loss of his mother in the year 2000.

Verónica Pascal was the name of the actor’s mother, a child psychologist who committed suicide in 2000.

“She was the love of my life. I think about her every day. I don’t pray, so I can’t say that I have a practice to feel her close to me, but I live for her, even though she is no longer there”, she declares, each time she is asked about her mother.

On many occasions he has shared that losing the most important person in his life helped him discover that it is something that stays with you forever and marks a before and after. He usually always keeps his mother in mind on his social networks.

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