The Personalized Precision Medicine Plan, for Spring

The Ministry of Health progress in the design of your Personalized Precision Medicine Plan, that will allow to adapt in a more individualized way the diagnosis and the therapeutic or preventive measures that each patient needs.

Aim: that I can see the light next springwith the aim of identifying and improving the approach to patients who are distinguished by their genetics, susceptibility to suffering a pathology or by their response to treatments.

The strategy, commitment of the area counselor, Alejandro Vázquez, for this new year, it will mean going from the ‘one size fits all’ to the ‘custom suit’ and a change in the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases. It will follow the conclusions of the Presentation on Precision Genomics Medicine, which was developed in the Senate in 2019 and on which national planning is based. Also, will bring together all the knowledge nodes at the service both to patients suffering from rare diseases, as well as to oncological processes and other hereditary diseases.

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