The perverse twins, in ‘Duality’, Netflix series

The twins always have a disturbing point that has not been overlooked by the audiovisual sector. There is something slightly disturbing about the existence of two identical beings who, in extreme cases, can become indistinguishable. Psychologically, the thing goes beyond the figure of the doppelganger, who is still a stranger who turns out to be just like you, while you have to put up with a twin brother from the beginning of your life and practically until the end, unless he dies before time, in which case nobody assures you that you will not be a victim of trauma. About disturbed twins, nothing beats the movie of David Cronenberg inseparable, about two surgeon brothers (and a bit crazy) who enjoy exchanging their roles to drive those around them (especially women) crazy. The new Netflix series, Duality (Echoes), It goes along that line, but without reaching the mastery of the Canadian filmmaker and demanding additional efforts from the viewer when it comes to accessing that always necessary suspension of disbelief that all fiction needs to be, if not entirely believable, then attractive enough. and interesting. Among other reasons, because it is not the same to have Jeremy Ironsas was the case with Cronenberg, who with an actress as bland, inexpressive and lacking in personality as poor michelle monaghanwho, although he is no longer the non-entity that he was in his youth, continues to have serious problems in adulthood to make his characters believable and interesting, especially if they are as bizarre and, deep down, incomprehensible as the couple in wicked twins who star in all seven episodes of Duality.

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Created by newcomer Vanessa Gazy, Duality tells us the story of Gina and Leni, two twins united to madness from the earliest childhood who, in theory, have followed different paths in life. Leni stayed in the deep American town where she was born, she married Jack (Matt Bomer), who runs a losing stables and with whom she has a teenage daughter, Mattie. Gina went to Los Angeles, married therapist Charlie (Daniel Sunjata), wrote an autobiographical book that did very well and is soon to be made into a movie, and apparently only communicates with her sister on the phone. That yes, once a year, coinciding with the date of their birth, the twins get a weekend for themselves and then return home, although not each one to their own. Convinced that they both have a right to live their sister’s life, Gina and Leni have spent years returning from their weekend dedicated to celebrating sorority (in their own way) to the house, the husband and the life that is not, without anyone noticing the change and without the viewer understanding very well what the little sisters get out of such a peculiar experience (the viewer’s first and fundamental clash with the famous suspension of disbelief: Can anyone believe that a husband, a daughter and a father cannot distinguish their real wifemother and daughter, no matter how identical she is to her twin sister?)

An ending that has its point

It has its merit stretching up to seven chapters a story that, without the mandatory tricks, would fall apart after ten minutes. But you end up thinking at the end of each episode that maybe you could save the ones that are missing because the story doesn’t hold up anywhere and Michelle Monaghan is not Jeremy Irons. I got to the end out of an unhealthy desire to see how Mrs. Gazy would solve the tremendous conceptual gibberish she had gotten herself into and because, once the damned cornered suspension Of Disbelief, this miniseries is entertaining and has a more than decent pace. And, above all, because you can’t help but want to know how the absurd adventure starring the perverse twins will end and that is set in motion when one of them, Leni (who is actually Gina, but don’t ask me why) suddenly disappears. mysterious (perhaps in the company of a shady teenage lover) and Gina (who is actually Leni, etc.) is forced to play the two sisters with a skill worthy of the late drag queen Fregoli.

From there, a plot develops that saves them, since it would only confuse them more than they should already be. I will settle for recommending them (more or less) Duality If you do not find anything more interesting on the various platforms of streaming and settle for an intrigue full of holes that follows surprisingly well: put to waste time in front of the television, I would say to watch Duality is one of the best ways to do it. And we must recognize that Mrs. Gazy solves the mess with an ending that has its point and extends the perversion of the little sisters to the husband of one of them. And that’s where I can read. Or not. The truth is that it could completely gut the series and they would be left as helpless as before. Or how, deep down, I stayed after swallowing it whole. For next week, yes, I promise you a masterpiece. boy scout word.

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