The photo in which Marilyn Monroe and Ana de Armas look the same

    Since we found out it was coming ‘Blonde’the new biopic of one of the most well-known beauty icons in the world, we have not stopped looking for information about it so that not a single detail escapes us. Yes, we are talking about the truly Marilyn Monroe’s life story coming to Netflix interpreted by the actress Ana de Armas. In fact, it seems that 2022 is the year dedicated to biographical films of the most ‘top’ blondes because we have also received the news that Julia Garner will play Madonna in ‘Who is Anna?’.

    Surely you did not know that it was actually called Norma Jeane Mortenson or that his life was anything but idyllic with foster homes and chaotic marriages in between. For this reason, we are sure that this new film will achieve get close to a Marilyn you probably didn’t know that wayAnd who better to play her than the gorgeous Ana de Armas?

    If we had already conquered you with the latest images in which Ana de Armas comes off as ‘sexy’, wait until you see the Instagram post that we have found because it will make you want to see the movie (yes, even more). In it appears a comparison of an image of Marilyn Monroe and another of Ana de Armasand we have hardly noticed the difference!

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    Here you have them! One has been taken in 1953 and another in 2022 but both come out spectacular. The same pose, the same hairstyle, the same dress… In fact, we have also been amazed with how much the two assistants look alike and it’s brutal.

    We count the days to enjoy this movie!

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