The photo of Enrique Arce (‘La Casa de Papel’) with Adam Sandler after giving him a very Spanish gift

‘The Paper House’ crossed borders and, with it, some of its actors have jumped to Hollywood. This is the case of Henry Maplewhich has already appeared in major productions with well-known actors such as Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.

The Spanish interpreter is immersed in the filming of ‘Murder Mystery 2’, the sequel to Netflix’s smash hit ‘Criminals at Sea’. The film was seen in more than 30 million homes and for its second installment they have relied on the participation of Enrique Arce.

Since he embarked on the project, he has passed through Hawaii, the Dominican Republic or Paris. And in the French capital she showed off the good relationship with his co-stars, photographing with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.

Now, he has once again boasted of friendship with the American comedian in some loving images together. The one who was Arturito in ‘La Casa de Papel’ has given him a Valencia Club de Fútbol shirtteam of which he is a great fan.

“I have always liked to take my Valencian identity and my Valencianism wherever I go in the world and make others participate in the Valencian sentiment. In this case, together with my partner and friendthe legendary Adam Sandler”, he wrote on Instagram, while defining him as “one of the most genuine, humble and generous guys that I have known throughout my professional career.

At the same time, he has announced that the photograph corresponds to the last day of filming for ‘Murder Mystery 2’, so it is only a matter of time to see them together on screen. The post has been widely commented on, even by Spanish football club players.

In the cast he is accompanied by the British Mark Strong (‘Kingsman’), the French Mélanie Laurent (‘Inglourious Basterds’), Jodie Turner-Smith (‘Anna Boleyn’) or Tony Goldwyn (‘Scandal’). And together they starred in another of Enrique Arce’s publications about the great atmosphere that reigns in this comedy.

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