The physical and mental well-being of increasingly exhausted and exhausted citizens

The actual society is different from the past. The health and welfare physical and mental are one of the main concerns in the citizens of the 21st century. The obesity and overweight continue to increase in European citizens. The WHO warned that they have reached proportions epidemicwith 59% of adults and one in three kids. On the other hand, a recent study made by Ikea and the General Council of the Psychology detected in the Spaniards probable cases of anxiety in one out of three, depression in one out of four; in one in five suicidal ideation in the last month; almost half with problems sleep, and one in eight feel lonely.

The consensus reached unanimous among institutions, companies and the world of culture in order to promote well-being physical and mental is an important step, aimed at fulfilling the objective of sustainable development of the 2030 agenda. We must begin to put Brake to this bloodletting that is harming the Health citizen that, paradoxically, is taking place in the welfare state. We are surrounded by environments that invite us to sedentary lifestyleas well as episodes such as the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, stagflation and the brutal cost of energy, to name the main social concerns that do not invite to have a good state of mind.

It is unusual to see consensus between the world of politics and the citizenship. Therefore, be Welcome this agreement that must begin to act as soon as possible in citizens who are increasingly exhausted and exhausted.

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