The ‘pinky cheeks’ trend to apply the blush that ‘Emily in Paris’ has copied from the French

How to achieve the effect pinky cheeks?

There are many varieties of tones and formats of blush. Depending on your skin type and the occasion, you should choose the shade of blush that best suits you. for the trend pinky cheeksthe ideal tone is a cold range pink.

rare beauty

The cream format -perfect for resisting high temperatures-, it is a versatile product, can be used on the cheeks and applied as an eye shadow or as a lipstick. ohtipbeauty! The best option to apply it and get it to blend with our skin is using the ring finger -it is the one with the least force and is the one indicated for applying beauty products-.

“Second Skin” Blush in Nearly Rose


The liquid format integrates very well into the skin, leaving a very natural look. ohtipbeauty! You must hurry to blend it before it dries on the skin. It is another perfect option to survive the days of great hustle and bustle.

Orgasm liquid blush

Kylie Cosmetics

the blush on powder format is the best known and easier to apply. ohtipbeauty! After applying cream or liquid blush, use a powder blush to seal the products in for longer wear.

Powder Blush in Winter Kissed


Kylie Cosmetics

  best blushes stick

These are the stick blushes you have to try for an immediate ‘good face effect’

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