The place where thousands of Amazon- parcels are stolen

from Guido Olimpio

There is a place, in Los Angeles, where 90 containers of goods are emptied, on average, every day: the damage is millions of dollars, and around the railway there are thousands and thousands of empty cartons.

The raiders attack the trains. TO Los Angeles.

A growing crime documented by videos from John Schreiber, a CBS reporter, who, following a tip, documented the phenomenon.

The attacks are launched in the Lincoln Heights area and concern the very long freight convoys. The thieves get on board, open the doors and grab anything. Often they open the packages outside, immediately after the theft: the videos show mountains of wraps, with the acronyms of famous companies, such as Amazon. A real, systematic looting.

In a letter sent to the authorities, Union Pacific – the famous railway company – provided alarming data: the average of 90 containers emptied per day, the damages already amount to 5 million dollars, there was an increase in episodes of 365% in the month of October alone, a constant trend in the last two years, use of weapons, repeated attacks on personnel. The UP, which has its own police, is calling for stricter measures, as those arrested – already around 100 – face light sentences.

The story then became the subject of political confrontation, with Republicans critical of Governor Gawin Newsom. Several years ago I looked after the gangs operating on the California-Nevada border in the Mojave Desert. Teams aboard pick-ups were waiting for the trains at a point where they were forced to proceed very slowly due to a slope. Then they boarded the wagons: sometimes they were lucky and fished electronic material, in others they found things of little value.

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