The places that Spain has already secured for the Paris Olympic Games in 2024

120 places are already known for 11 of the 32 sports that will be part of the Paris Olympic Games in 2024, and Spain already has secured two tickets for two disciplinesrhythmic gymnastics and shooting, thanks to the successes of Fátima Gálvez and the Spanish gymnasts, according to the publication of the International Olympic Committee.

The athlete has managed to hang the plant medal in the Osijek World Cupwhich guaranteed her place in the next Olympics, which will not be the first for her, since she already came out of Tokyo 2020 in style with gold in the mixed pit together with Alberto Fernández, and participated in Rio and London.

For its part, the gymnastics team, made up of Ana Arnau, Inés Bergua, Valeria Márquez, Mireia Martínez, Patricia Pèrez Fos and Salma Solaun, won the bronze at the World Championships in Sofia last September.

In total, they have been distributed 76 places for shootingthe discipline with more bills, 19 for horse riding for as many teams (six in dressage, six in jumping and seven in eventing), for which Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and, as the host country, France, are already classified in the three specialties, as well as 12 in gymnastics (three in artistic men’s teams, three in women’s, three in rhythmic ensembles and three in individual rhythmic).

Five places are decided in football: Brazil, Colombia and the United States in the women’s tournament and the Dominican Republic and the United States in the men’s, although the two French teams are also guaranteed their presence.

Four places in triathlon (Great Britain and France in both sexes), two in surfing (USA in women, Japan in men), one in basketball (the United States women’s team) and one in handball (Norway in women), as well as France at home in these last two sports, they complete the list of slots awarded.

Apart from sports whose classification is permanently decided by ranking, the next championship in which a direct place will be distributed It will be the men’s handball world championship, starting on the 12th in Poland and Sweden, with a ticket to Paris for the champion.

Another 13 sports are already in the process of qualifyingalthough they have not closed any places yet.

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