The plastic rings worn by Rosalía, Bella Hadid and Miley Cyrus are from Barcelona

This story could start in the Brussels Opera and end in an ‘after’ in the Gothic. And jump out of a joint royal square to Paris Fashion Week. From a vintage scene from Ivory & Merchant to an episode of ‘Self Defense’. And settle in the hamptons and in a Chinese bar. First we would need a title. Could be ‘The ladies of the rings’. Or ‘The queens of plastic’. Or ‘The granddaughter of the ruined marquise’. EITHER ‘Saoko, granny, saoko‘.

And perhaps the promotional phrase for this amazing story, about two women from Barcelona separated by 60 years but in reality specular and parallel, would be something like: “There is something better than inheriting your grandmother’s jewelry: that she teaches you how to make it”.

the granddaughter is Adriana Mansowho designs some Sterling Plastic rings that have attracted the attention of both Dua Lipa Y rosalia like Bella Hadid Y Jean Paul Gaultier. “Wait, I’ll find you a picture of my grandmother. Let me look at our WhatsApp, because I write to him a lot, when something good or bad happens to me,” says Adriana Manso. Grandma passed away a long time ago.

The lady was called Maria Rosa Cervero. He was born the year the Civil War broke out, but he seems like a character from a remote past or future. He spoke German and Russian, taught jazz, traveled through Latin America. He starred in the first divorce of the city, perhaps the country. He was seen with a ‘look’ between flappersof bourgeois hippy or of aristocrat in second residence. After separating from her husband, she sold her jewelrybut that doesn’t matter if you like them even more plastic.

When the granddaughter was about 12 years old, this novel character received his three granddaughters. She decided that one of them was the pretty one. Another, the smart one. Adriana was blessed like the stylish. Since neither the girl nor her head could be still, instead of foisting Russian billets on her, he encouraged her to do something with the hands. He hung on the wall a tapestry full of slopes (one detail, the closure was always clamp because this futuristic woman had no hole in the lobe) and every week I asked him to replicate one. The granddaughter wore soles for the streets of the Call (full of artisans and jewelers, where she now has her shop) to buy beads and ornaments. She managed to put a concern on track and, most importantly, show him that talent is versatile: spills over into various disciplines. “Grandparents are angels to grandchildren,” Joe Twilight sang. “He is only old who does old things,” Montaigne also wrote.

Shakira’s ‘My Ex’s Funeral’

Adriana studied illumination at the Brussels Opera and ended up practicing at the high school (Grandma explained well each work in which she had to work). And, also, programming bowling in the Ocana (Grandma helped her make the rundowns for each ‘show’). But the grandmother in this story died. And chronology shows that as a result of that loss, and of the depression later, he found himself handling plastic and scheming crazy marketing ideas. focusing on the meekthe brand of rings that suddenly became famous when Miley Cyrus she got about 20 covering her breasts in a video clip. Four long years since Grandma is no longer here. Three short years since she exists the meek.

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In the videos that you upload to networks put rings in blendersruns over them with a car, offers one to Shakira called ‘My ex’s funeral. It doesn’t matter, because you can do more. And then send her a sticker, a meme or a message where she says “thank you” on WhatsApp to her grandmother.

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