the plot of the film with Tom Cruise aired on Sunday 3 October on Italia1


The film The Mummy arrives to keep company with the Italia1 viewers in the early evening of Sunday 3 October 2021 starting at around 21:20. The reboot of the 1932 film will be broadcast on the channel Mediaset and will bring the star of world cinema to the small screen Tom Cruise, who here plays an archaeologist who in an attempt to complete a sensational discovery ends up desecrating the tomb of a thousand-year-old creature, awakening it from its long sleep and thus throwing the fate of the Earth into disgrace. The plot and the cast of the film broadcast on Italia1.

The Mummy: the cast and the curiosities about the film broadcast on Italia1

The Mummy (in the original language from the title The Mummy) is a 2017 film directed by Alex Kurtzman, an American director and screenwriter who has always been linked to science fiction films such as those of Star Trek or Transformer.

A remake of the 1932 film, it is thought of as the beginning of a new cinematic universe for Universal that had to bring back all the most beloved characters of the production company in a single macrotrama.

The low takings, however, immediately dampened the enthusiasm around the project that remained just an idea including only this film.

The main protagonists of the film are two Hollywood movie stars like Tom Cruise And Russell Crowe, alongside which appear the actresses Sofia Boutella And Annabelle Wallis.


The Mummy: the plot of the movie

Nick Morton is an archaeologist who, during an expedition with his team in the desert, ends up desecrating the tomb of a millenary creature named Ahmanet, an Egyptian princess struck by a curse that would have awakened when her sarcophagus was opened.

The ancient princess thus ends up wanting to take revenge on everything she has been through during her life and wants to take revenge on the world for what they put her through when she was alive, forcing her to make a pact with dark forces that instead to bring it to power confined it in the depths of the desert making it forget for millennia.


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