The plot that TV shows went off the air after the first season

Long before the complex plotting and epic world-building of TV shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones,” there was “Lost.” “Lost” follows the survivors of the Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 plane crash and their lives on the mysterious island where they find themselves stranded. Debuting on ABC in September 2004, the supernaturally twisted drama kept viewers engaged with its layered, multi-character stories, but often ended the season with more questions than answers.

On “Lost”, 10-year-old Walt Lloyd (Malcolm David Kelly) is the estranged son of Michael (Harold Perrineau), and during the show’s new season, he exhibits telepathic and magnetic superpowers. From Season 1 to Season 2, a strong focus has been placed on young Walt’s abilities and the threat he poses to The Others, a villainous group living on the island. However, without explanation, the character disappears from the island’s story until Season 3. He appears again in the season 4 flash-forward finale and season 5 episode, “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”, before making a final appearance. DVD collection’s epilogue episode – but his supernatural abilities are never discussed.

According to IGN, “Lost” co-showrunner Damon Lindelof addressed Walt’s mysterious disappearance at a press conference. He added, “We always knew Malcolm would grow faster than shooting the show. And we planned for it. Trust us.” Walt’s disappearance might make sense from a real-life perspective, but the plot of his first season of “Lost” was never tied together.

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