The plots of Charles and William to take out Prince Andrew

Queen Elizabeth would not have made the decision on her own to deprive the Prince Andrew of military titles and patronages and treatment of royal highness. Behind her would move, not too much in the shadows, Prince Charles and Prince William. Father and son would have convinced the sovereign to opt for “Internal exile”, as the Daily Mail calls it, of the Duke of York. A strategic move to defend the prestige and allow the survival of the Crown of England.

The choice

“With the Queen’s approval and consent, the Duke of York’s military affiliations and royal patronages have been returned to the Queen. The Duke of York will continue not to take part in any public commitment and will defend himself as a private citizen ”. With this meager official note Buckingham Palace has, in fact, decreed the fate of Prince Andrew, ostracizing him and confining his life from now on within the walls of the Palace. Not a physical but moral imprisonment, a family sentence that arrived without waiting for the verdict of the New York court.

The only possible strategy to get rid of a relative who has become cumbersome and unpresentable, which risks dragging the English monarchy into the mud. With the official press release the Queen Elizabeth, albeit “sad”, as the Times reports, he wanted to give a strong message to the British. But she would not have made these choices alone, certainly not easy for a sovereign and a mother. Behind her, Prince William and Prince Charles would be ready to advise and support her. A source told the Daily Mail: “It is a question of the survival of the monarchy at all costs. It has always been this way and it always will be ”.

After all, rumors have been circulating for months that the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge they would consider Prince Andrew one “threat”. In this regard, an insider had revealed to the Times: “There is no hope that Andrea will return to the front line. William is certainly not a supporter of his uncle and believes that this obstinacy of Andrea is very dangerous, also because the latter shows every time that he has no respect for his own family “. Another source pointed out: “Carlo is very fond of his brother, but the issue continues to damage the royal family and the whole institution, it is impossible to return to the previous status quo, the accusations are too serious”.

The friction between Carlo and Andrea

Relations between Prince Charles and Prince Andrew have long been tense, to be precise since the heir to the throne expressed his idea of ​​a monarchy “Slim”, which concentrates duties and offices in the hands of the leading members of the royal family, leaving aside the minor characters such as the Duke of York and his daughters. A choice that Her Majesty’s third son would not have liked at all, but which he cannot oppose. After Prince Philip’s death, Prince Charles is the Queen’s right hand. If the Duke of Edinburgh organized and presided over the “War councils”, as reported by the Corriere della Sera, during the slow shipwreck of the marriage between Charles and Diana, now his position as councilor has been inherited by the Prince of Wales.

It is the latter, in agreement with Queen Elizabeth, who holds the power. However, Carlo is not exactly a man of action. For this reason, in the crisis following the Epstein scandal, the Prince William. There would be a heated confrontation between Prince Andrew and the future rulers of England. The Duke of York would have apologized for his friendship with Epstein, but obviously that wasn’t enough. Thus the Duke of Cambridge would have taken matters into his own hands, as a true (future) king, willing to do anything to save the throne.

With the consent of the sovereign, William would have faced the Epstein scandal as he already did with the Megxit. The Daily Mail source said: “They made this decision to isolate the institution from all the splinters flying around. It follows the same pattern of separation from the Sussexes. The removal of the titles means that now the monarchy can legitimately say that it is not involved ”. Now Prince Andrew is only one “private citizen” called to prove his innocence.

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