The PNC arrests a subject in Sololá as an alleged assailant of the Swiss ambassador

The Specialized Criminal Investigation Division (DEIC) of the National Civil Police (PNC) reported on the afternoon of this July 31 the apprehension of a subject dressed as a soldier in the municipality of Santiago Atitlán, Sololá.

He is accused of being responsible for multiple assaults on Cerro de Oro, including Swiss Ambassador Hans-Ruedi Bortison May 8, according to the official report.

Is about Diego Tzina Sojoel, 42, a native and resident of the Panabaj canton, in Santiago Atitlán. The security forces located him this Sunday at around 2:30 p.m. on the top of Cerro de Oro or Elefante Dormido, where he operated against other people in the same way that he did with the European diplomat on May 8.

The police report states that four tourists were on an excursion in that place Very frequented by nationals and foreigners on weekends.

The man arrested today wore a uniform and boots similar to those of the Guatemalan Army, The police report pointed out, and he had in his possession a balaclava hat, a black backpack inside which he wore blue canvas pants.

In addition, he had with him a machete and a plastic gunweapons with which he tried to strip national tourists of their belongings.

Tzina Sojoel, according to the victims’ account, he struggled with one of them and attacked Antonio Ramírez Sicay, 42, with a machete. but he was unable to take away their belongings. After the incident he tried to escape, but for that reason, PNC agents patrolling the area had arrived and chased him, grabbed him and captured him to later take him before a judge.

According to PNC investigations, this subject had been operating in that area for months and among his multiple victims is the Swiss ambassador in Guatemala.

On May 8, the Swiss ambassador to Guatemala, Hans-Ruedi Bortis, suffered an armed robbery when he was about to go down the Cerro de Oroin Santiago Atitlán, Sololá.

Along with the diplomat too There were three other people of Swiss nationality who were also victims of the robbery.

According to the police report presented by the diplomat and his companions they ascended the hill around 7:30, and reached the top without any complications.

At 9:15 a.m. they decided to get off the scene and five minutes later they were intercepted by a man, who was carrying a firearm and a machete in a backpack.

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