The Police are looking for a man accused of murdering the partner of the mother of his children in Canovanas

The Department of Justice today filed three charges in absentia against a man for the murder of whoever was the consensual partner of the mother of his children, yesterday, Thursday, in the San Isidro neighborhood in Canovanas.

Judge Orlando Puldón Gómez found cause for the arrest of Luis Enrique Gabriel Polanco, 47, and set bail for $1.8 million. Prosecutor Alexis Arraiza Antonmattei represented the Public Ministry in a hearing held today at the Court of First Instance of Carolina.

The defendant, who is wanted by the Police Bureau, faces charges of first-degree murder and violations of articles 6.05 and 6.14 of the Weapons Law, after illegally carrying and firing a firearm.

According to news reports, the crime was reported around 10:29 pm on Eida Street in Canovanas, when a call to the 9-1-1 Emergency System alerted about a person injured by a bullet at the scene. .

According to the Uniformed, Teodoro Guzmán Santos, 59 years old and a resident of Canovanas, was transported to an emergency room of a hospital in the area, where he was given first aid, but minutes later the doctor on duty certified the absence of vital signs.

Police reported that Gabriel Polanco, a resident of Naranjito, has brown eyes, black hair, is 5’6″ tall and could be driving a dark brown 2011 Infinity SUV, with license plate HQK-567. He is presumed heavily armed and dangerous.

The Police Bureau and the Public Ministry requested the collaboration of citizens to locate the man. If you have information that helps to find the whereabouts of this man, you can contact confidentially at 787-343-2020 and 787-257-7500 ext. 1610.

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